Making Exports to India Friendlier

A large and high-growth market like India is calling.
We present a variety of business models for you to respond.

Get a Wide Choice Of Exporting Business Models

As they say, each to his or her own. You enter the lucrative Indian market at a pace and with a commitment structure of your liking.

We Import From You On A Trade-To-Trade Basis

Try us out with a no-strings attached, one-off trade, or for that matter. multiple trades, If you like our services as an Indian Importer, we could graduate to a more committed trade relationship model later.

We Become Your Indenting Agent In India

If you are looking to push export volumes in a major way to India, it is better to make us your Indenting Agents. We don’t simply work trade-to-trade like most commission agents. We offer way more in terms of long-term services.

We Become Your Reprenstative Partner In India

Expect the maximum level of services and commitment from us in this arrangement. This is a dedicated relationship that extends beyond trade to sharing infrastructure, utilizing local sales networks and marketing resources. We will pull out all stops to establish your product footprints in a big way here.

We Help You Find A Dedicated Country Dealer

This is the case where you are a large exporter or foreign manufacturer, seeking deeper roots in India. With our knowledge of the local market and our networks, we could help you secure a dedicated country dealer for a small finder’s fee – or else, we could be one ourselves.