Make Us Your Indian Indentor
Establish A Stronger Foothold

If you have already tested the Indian market waters, and now wish to gain more traction and volumes in a fast-growth scenario, you have come to the right place. India is a high-growth opportunity, because it promises a huge, stable and enabling business environment.

Capitalize on it with BSB. Leverage our Indian roots to calm the nervous beginnings and exporting anxieties. Let us make it smooth sailing for you.

As Your Indentors, We Bring A Lot To The Table
  Market Survey of your exportable commodity
  To identify potential high-volume target importers, regions where commodity uptake is highest, understand its market better
  To explore other commodities as your potential exportable
  Proven importer database
  Calls and communication with proven importers
  Creating and managing a database of interested importers
  Marketing of your offers
  Gaining importer feedback on them
  Shortlisting positive targets
  One-to-one meetings with them
  Finalizing negotiations and contracts
  Advance payment terms between you and the importer
  Sharing with them your loading photos and shipping documents
  Balance Payment follow-ups and collections
  Material inspection at Port/Factory of Importer for quality checks
  Preparation of Inspection Reports
  Ensuring smooth claim settlements, if any
How BSB Benefits You
  Zero marketing cost – we handle its marketing in India
  No marketing headaches – you focus on production / procurement, we focus on its India sale volumes
  Knowledge of local / regional market trends and insights helps you
  Increase your commodity-specific volumes
  Diversify to other commodities / categories
  Gain trust of Indian importers through your local contact, i.e. us
  Faster transaction cycles because of established communication channels between you and us
  Hassle-free and fast-track documents approval
  Access to a vast network of importers
  Smoother claim settlements and updates through local representation and cargo validation
Terms Of This Model
  Indenting charges on per ton basis
  All KYC documents required at your end
  We too will share our own KYC documents with you
  D & B Report to be provided by you
  Indenting Agreement will be signed between your company and us, or BSB
  Tri-party agreement for every trade between your firm, BSB and importer
  Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) norms to be strictly followed

Our Commodity Categories

Currently, we trade in these products. This list will be expanded in the future.  So, even if your exportable category is not here, do drop us a line.

Plastic Raw Materials – Prime / Reycled

Chemicals / Petrochemicals / Petroleum Products

Metals & Minerals

Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) / Waste Paper

Used Tyres

Other Industrial Raw Materials